the kenari market maker technology

The core of the kenari neighborhood food system is the kenari market maker technology.

The kenari market maker technology stimulates good food production and accessibility at the community level. We provide the consumer, retailer, processor, distributor and grower with market transaction tools and information to create, supply, and access good food markets anywhere.
Kenari is designed to ‘germinate’ anywhere and spread virally, strengthening community economies globally.
Two Years of Research

Kenari spent two years in research and development learning the needs of strong local food systems from experimental operations in each of the major areas of: growing, processing, distribution and retail. All of this learning and thousands of manhours of engagement with food system innovators and experts around the world has gone into the creation of the Kenari Market Maker.


Shift in market power

 The system shifts market power to the consumer, small local or regional grower and food entrepreneurs, creating robust local markets that:

  • Connect consumers to where their food comes from;
  • Operate free of layers of subsidies and middlemen; and
  • Lower the transaction costs and barriers to entry for smaller growers, processors and retailers of good food.

Pilot in USA, Southern Africa and South America

Kenari has lined up strategic relationships with a range of U.S. and international players in the food, agriculture and community development space, in preparation for pilot introduction in five distinct demographic areas in North America, Africa and South America.